Wednesday, April 9, 2014

100 Happy days with Silence of the Mom - weeks 4&5

Soooo, I missed out on last week cuz I was off being a grown up & stuff.  Real life put the kibosh on my blogomania.  Anywho, I'm back and I have TWO weeks worth of fucking happiness.  As always, be sure and give some huge lovin to my friend over at Silence of the Mom or visit her on the Facebook at Silence of the Mom on the Facebook.

Here's my happy stuff and I might have missed a few days.
Shaddap, don'tyoujudgeme.

Yep, that little kid of mine.  The Mini. 
 She makes me smile...

I smile cuz it's true.  Small world?

My cousin and her daughter.  Ain't they just peachy?

 Socks & flip flops.  
Made me piss myself

Now there might be a few a days missing (26,27, 28)*whistling*. 
 And, BOOM...Week 5...I might have cheated.  What?

From top left
The Mini's drawing of her & sisters.  AWEFUCKINGAWE.
The new floor being put in at my Mom's, I fucking love it
The best gum.  Ever. 
The awesomeness that the SAB posted on my FB timeline
A drunk ass friend wrote "I love you" on my hand
That, AHEM, tree is in my friend's yard.