Friday, September 12, 2014

Very Exciting Tour of Blogland!

Okay, here's the scoop,,,I was asked by the lovely Tandra, of Thriller Mom, to do this blogtour and give you all some insight into my workspace, living space, and some projects I'm working on.  At first I was like "fuck no", but I then I rethought my recent joblessness and figured "why the hell not". Also, Thriller Mom kicks ass and I had to try and show her ass up.  HA.

In addition, most of you know that finding a job has been my main priority so I don't have a bunch of projects going on right now.  However, I'll be more than happy to show my lack of projects.  Snort. Keep in mind, I also live with the DQ (drunken queen aka my mom) so projects schmojects.

So, goes nuttin...Welcome to Bananaland:

First...this is me.  Yes, that's my real tongue.  Yes, it's actually longer than that.

Now, on to writing...this is where I work. the bed.  Whatever.  I can be in my muthafuckin pajamas & do what I want.  If you look very closely you will notice my nightstand contains numerous drinks including a shotglass.  Cuz..the Mini.  

Okay, and here's what my workspace really looks like when I'm actually writing.
(sans the big assed blonde that I am)

In this lovely photo, the place where I actually should write is depicted. I have space; I'm just LAZY. Got it? LAZY. See how the pictures aren't even actually hung on the walls? They're sitting on the ledge around the room cuz...LAZY. Seriously though, I've been preoccupied. I have so much to do. Wait...IDGAF.

I love this.   This is my makeup area.  What?  You my hawtness came naturally, didn't you?  It doesn't.  It takes this prep table, #allthelights, the mirror, and #alltheproducts to make me look normal.  Well, almost normal. (see above selfie) The table is also littered with my meds, creams & gels.  Just ignore that shit, mmmmkay?  

The dining area where the Mini and I feast on gourmet meals such as Wendy's & whatever the DQ cooks for us.  What?  I love to cook, I'm just weirded out because I don't have all my stuff.  I needs my stuff to cook properly.  I just do.  

Now on to some questions that I'm supposed to answer so that you all can get a glimpse of the magic that is me.  Ha. But really.

What am I working on?

I'm working on keeping my sanity.  Seriously though, I'm currently working on a serious of dating blogposts.  I'm single and I'm blogging about my internet dating, IRL dating, etc.  I've written parts I&II thus far and I have two more parts that I know I want to write.  There may be more.  If you're interested here are the links. Part I and Part II.  I have a few other things going on as well; I'm just not ready to share.  Get over it. 

How does my blog differ from those in my genre?

My blog doesn't differ a whole bunch from others except that I use all the swears.  When I'm telling you about things that are going on, I speak from the heart.  My heart often has swears.  Also, I guess I'm considered a mommy blogger but I'm not.  I write about everything.  Boys (they're dumb), my life, my opinions (they're always right), and my kid (the Mini) as well.  #Ihatekids. 

Why do I write/create what I do?

That's an easy one.  To keep my muthafuckin sanity.  If I don't let shit out, I'll implode or explode or whatever, you get the idea.  I need to vent.  A lot.  If I don't I'll be wearing orange & pretty silver bracelets quicker than a lame dude trying to pick me up in a bar. That wouldn't be good so I write.  It helps.  

How does my writing creative process work?

Usually I write when I'm pissed off about something.  Seriously, aggravation is a great motivational tool.  Often times, I get the feels and decide to write.  It really just depends.  I have to be in the mood and most of the time, ideas come to me at the most inopportune times like when I'm sleeping, or in the car.  I've gotten up in the middle of the night more times than I count, to write ideas down.  I know my old ass will forget by morning and then you won't benefit from my witty bullshit. 

I'm going to have two lovelies do you a blogtour next week.  

1st we have the awesomeness of IWYLM:

It's Why You Like Me - on the Facebook!
It's Why You Like Me - her blog!

Ms. IWYLM would like you to know these three things about her before you see her awesomeness:

 1) I'm horribly insecure
 2) I did an entire play in Spanish when I was 8 years old (Holy fuck)
 3) Serial killers fascinate me - like in an investigative way not like inspirational or anything

And next the lovely and kinda boy-like (not in this picture cuz she's smokin' here), Brianne, from House of Wong.  She can found here:

Facebook:House of Wong
Pinterest: BR W

Ms. House of Wong would like you to know the following 3 things about her:

1) I like wine
2) I like hunting
3) I have a serious NetFlix problem (me too, Brianne)

Both of the these lovelies are funny as fuck and I promise you will enjoy them (not like that, pervs)

Thanks for enjoying my tour and if you didn't - Piss off. 

And, if you're interested? You can follow my silly ass at the following links: