Wednesday, March 26, 2014

100 Happy Days with Silence of the Mom (week 3)

So it's week three, days #15-21 of the 100 Happy Days with that really cool bitch, Silence of the Mom.

I had a busy as shit week (Spring Break with the Mini) so I didn't snap as many pics but I managed to find a few that made me HAPPY.

Here goes...

I found this in my lunchbox. From the Mini.
  I might have been just a tad cranky that morning.
  PMS blows.  

An actual text conversation with the SAB.  He always makes me smile. *sigh*

On this day, one of my most very bestest friends celebrated her 1 year of being on the Facebook.

 The crazy design the Mini wanted to me to paint on the walls of her new bedroom.
  This kid is fucked up & stuff.

So today my other most bestest friend celebrated her one year on the Facebook.

Looking for a short trip for the family.  

Took my first pic of my new hair.  
Even though it's all sweaty and windblown, it rocks.  

Until next time...Be sure and check out some of the other 100 Happy Days posts at Silence of the Mom

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Silence of the Mom's Happy 100 Days - Week 2

So it's Week 2 and I'm still going.  100 Happy Days, Bananaland Style.  Thanks again to my bitchacho, Silence of the Mom, for the challenge.  Me.  Happy.  100 days...In. A. Row. Anyhow, the following pics are of some shit that make me giggle, smile, or pee.  Enjoy...

The Mini.  Seriously.  I peed. 

The SAB was working late.  I had to put together a new fan.  This was in the box.  You know I giggled, smiled & peed!

Red's bday.  Smileytown. 

Pool/Beach day.  FINALLY!!!  
I absorbed the shit outta some vitamin D

The sunset from Red's birthday cruise.  *sigh*

The SAB measuring for the Mini's new paintjob.  Boys.  Doin' work.  Yum. 

The haircut I finally decided on.  Can't wait to chop this do.  It's a don't. 

In this pic, behind all of the fog, is a street sign.  The sign says: Sex Drive.  Ha. 
 I laughed.  Out loud.

 I managed to find some great shit that didn't suck.  Not even a little. - PPB

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Silence of the Mom 100 Happy Days - Week #1

First, I'd like to thank Silence of the Mom (<---------click the link for details) for having the balls to throw out this challenge to her fellow bloggy folk.  
Also, I'd like to say that I am completely awesome for accepting this challenge.  

Day #1 - Wednesday...

The Mini wearing her headphones.   I don't have to hear the bullshit she hears. Pure excellence.

Day #2 - Thursday...

The Food Trucks at Spring Days had the most delishishest (yep, I made it up) Philly cheesesteak, and lobster bisque.  Yummies make me smile. 

Spinning around in a circle in a bumper car at Spring Days was on my bucket list.  Really.  Okay, I lied.  Seriously though, look at that damn face.  Just look at it!

The Mini and the Drunken Queen.  Freaking awesome cuz I wasn't on that damn ride.

Day #3 - Friday


Day #4 - Saturday

Purely accidental awesomeness.  I was taking a photo of the pink jacket for shopping purposes & I saw my most favoritest jacket ever.  The 'olive' jacket.  Reminds of martinis.  And happiness.

Day #5 - Sunday

BOOM.  Finally got to wear my JTT shirt.  Just the Tip

Day #6 - Monday

I had my Inaugural #MulletMonday on my Facebook page, Precious Princess.  LOVED. IT.

Day #7 - Tuesday

The Mini.  Doing her homework.  On her own.  With no screaming.  Life is good.