Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Silence of the Mom's Happy 100 Days - Week 2

So it's Week 2 and I'm still going.  100 Happy Days, Bananaland Style.  Thanks again to my bitchacho, Silence of the Mom, for the challenge.  Me.  Happy.  100 days...In. A. Row. Anyhow, the following pics are of some shit that make me giggle, smile, or pee.  Enjoy...

The Mini.  Seriously.  I peed. 

The SAB was working late.  I had to put together a new fan.  This was in the box.  You know I giggled, smiled & peed!

Red's bday.  Smileytown. 

Pool/Beach day.  FINALLY!!!  
I absorbed the shit outta some vitamin D

The sunset from Red's birthday cruise.  *sigh*

The SAB measuring for the Mini's new paintjob.  Boys.  Doin' work.  Yum. 

The haircut I finally decided on.  Can't wait to chop this do.  It's a don't. 

In this pic, behind all of the fog, is a street sign.  The sign says: Sex Drive.  Ha. 
 I laughed.  Out loud.

 I managed to find some great shit that didn't suck.  Not even a little. - PPB

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Unknown said...

Love the hair! I have been trying to figure out what to do with mine. Not sure the hubs would go for something that steps. lol

Thanks for linking up again!