Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Silence of the Mom 100 Happy Days - Week #1

First, I'd like to thank Silence of the Mom (<---------click the link for details) for having the balls to throw out this challenge to her fellow bloggy folk.  
Also, I'd like to say that I am completely awesome for accepting this challenge.  

Day #1 - Wednesday...

The Mini wearing her headphones.   I don't have to hear the bullshit she hears. Pure excellence.

Day #2 - Thursday...

The Food Trucks at Spring Days had the most delishishest (yep, I made it up) Philly cheesesteak, and lobster bisque.  Yummies make me smile. 

Spinning around in a circle in a bumper car at Spring Days was on my bucket list.  Really.  Okay, I lied.  Seriously though, look at that damn face.  Just look at it!

The Mini and the Drunken Queen.  Freaking awesome cuz I wasn't on that damn ride.

Day #3 - Friday


Day #4 - Saturday

Purely accidental awesomeness.  I was taking a photo of the pink jacket for shopping purposes & I saw my most favoritest jacket ever.  The 'olive' jacket.  Reminds of martinis.  And happiness.

Day #5 - Sunday

BOOM.  Finally got to wear my JTT shirt.  Just the Tip

Day #6 - Monday

I had my Inaugural #MulletMonday on my Facebook page, Precious Princess.  LOVED. IT.

Day #7 - Tuesday

The Mini.  Doing her homework.  On her own.  With no screaming.  Life is good.