Sunday, December 14, 2014


Being that I didn't have regular television for almost a year I saw no commercials.  Since moving in with the broken mommy (who has all the channels) I have gotten reacquainted with commercials. I am obsessed.  I love them.  I hate them.  I have strong opinions about them.  I decided to write about them.

 Just sharing a few of my favorites and not so favorites...

I'm going to start with a fairly old (2001) commercial because it encompasses my entire view on life and stuff: If I lick it; it's mine.  Remember  the Volkswagen commercial where the dude licks the car handle to claim it?  Totally awesome.  I think I like it so much because it brings out the kid in me. I miss being able to lick stuff and calling "MINE".  Shit, as adults we are so disillusioned that we are suspect if something hasn't been licked.  Anyhow...  Link to Lick.  You should watch.  It's just perfect.  Nailed it.

Mucinex - if you haven't been "lucky" enough to see one of these gems, you need to click HERE.  The link I provided is one of the older not-so-nasty phlegmmercials.  <----Like my new word?  There are a slew of them and each one is more disgusting than the last.  They aren't so fucking awful if you pretend that the snotman is just a green goblin or something, however, once you remember that it's a boog?  It's gone.  I heart you Mucinex but these commercials?  2 thumbs and 8 fingers DOWN.

Uncle Ben's - I have mentioned this before on my Facebook page but I'm bringing here again because it needs to be told.  I love this commercial.  I love that Uncle Ben's is trying its damnedest to send a positive message; cooking with the kids BUT...the commercial is bit over the top with the whole song and chill thing going on.  Click HERE to see what I'm talking about.  Over all, I think they did a fine job of combining the animation and very kid friendly version of a grown-up (read: old) song.  I like it.  No matter how many times I've heard it I always look at the tv when it plays.  That's what they want, right?

The Glade candle song commercial - Holy BALLS, I love this song, I love his voice but there is NO WAY I will buy a Glade candle because of it.  Hopefully, Glade was just going for the whole "Merry Christmas" thing because there is no damn way a candle deserves this awesomeness.  In all honesty, I had to search by the song when I first looked to find this commercial.  I had no idea who the sponsor was.  For great song snippet click the Pretty Song Link.  Sorry Glade.

This year's K-Mart commercials.  I love, love, love the dudes playing their bellies.  As usual, K-Mart has kicked ass with the holiday commercials featuring their Joe Boxer line: Link to the Boys.  I was a little less impressed with the chick version.  They still tried to keep it humorous but they had to throw that "hot chick" bullshit in the mix.  I like their commercials every year because they go right for the funny.  I didn't hate it, just wasn't as impressed.  Also, if there's going to be a commercial featuring dancing; the dancing should be good.  Still didn't suck, just wasn't my favorite.  Link to the Girls.

The insurance companies have totally kicked ass over the last few years.  They are like the huge commercial winners.  One of my all-time favorites is "No Mas Pantalones" with Flo from Progressive and a huge favorite of my mine is "Jake.  From State Farm". Both of these ads still makes me laugh every single time.  I'm also madly in love with quite fond of  the Geico Gecko *swoons over the accent* and I really wish they would do more commercials with him because he's my boyfriend.  I love his dry, sarcastic sense of humor and I have I mentioned the accent? But wait...theGeico "Icky" commercial makes me giggle like a bitch.  If you have not seen this?  Please CLICK HERE because I laugh so hard I pee.  My new favorites in the insurance category are the Liberty Mutual commercials.  Simple but to the point.  Also, I always know it's a Liberty Mutual ad.  That IS the point of a commercial right? Here's a LINK to my favorite Liberty Mutual ad.  I love this guy.  He's "every guy", no?  I dig his voice too.  Yep, I'm a freak.  I really like all of their new ads though EXCEPT THIS ONE.  Nobody names a car Brad.  Sorry, not buying it.  Anyhow, if I could afford it?  I'd buy Liberty Mutual Insurance just cause I like their commercials.  Sorry, Flo.

We all have those ear worm jingles or phrases from commercials that stay with us forever.  A few of mine are:  "I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener", "I've got a Butternut Mom", "Hot dogs, Armour Hot dogs - the dogs kids love to bite", "clap on, clap off, the clapper", "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware MAN" (that's how I remember it), and so many more.  You're welcome for those.  I'm cool like that.  I'll tell you another secret.  I sometimes watch the ads on YouTube.  Yep, I'm that girl.

From commercial hell...PPB

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

To all my friends and family at Christmas...

A lot has changed in a year.  Like...a lot.

Let me see...where to start...

Filed Bankruptcy, moved in with mom, got rid of 241lbs of dead weight, have no real source of income, have a snotty ass kid, a broken ass mommy, and I'm happier than I've ever been.  Let me explain...

My Bankruptcy was final in February of this year.  It was a huge relief.  I was in so much debt from divorce, and working 2 jobs had done nothing for me.  So BK it was.  I still have no credit cards...I'm scared.  It's not a bad thing.

Moved in with mom at the end of May.  (This was planned for over a year so don't freak out, mmmkay?)  So far; so good.  She's annoying as fuck but aren't all moms?  Since she broke the shit out of her ankle and is immobile for 3 months, she's less annoying...haha, but no, REALLY.  She's healing well and drives her wheelchair like a bat out of hell.  It's awesome.  I can always tell where she is when we hit the stores.  I just have to listen for the "hey lady!".  She's always either in someones way, crashing into a display, going too fast, going too slow...something.

The lying scumbag that I wasted 3.5 years of my life with (I won't even bother to mention his name; it's not worth it) decided that we should no longer be a couple.  This turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  It's amazing how your eyes are opened once someone isn't covering them.  And, that's all I'll say about that.  For now.  (You know there's another blog post in there, right?)

In August, I quit my job after 14 years.  That place sucked giant horse cock.  It really did.  Maybe it was mid-life crisis, maybe I was just a mess...who knows?  I cannot describe the feeling of not going back to that negative hell hole of a place filled with life-sucking, backstabbing, liars.  Phew...that was a huge relief.  I am currently unemployed as I had a job for a couple of months and it was becoming very similar to the horse cock sucking job so I'm no longer there.  Due to some investments that I was able to cash in, unemployment  (thank you, government) and mommy, I am able to live for a few months while searching for a job that doesn't suck.  <---- I'm hoping that job exists. Tell me that it does.  Please.

Thanks to numerous friends and my fantastic (although foul-mouthed and cranky) daughter, this year of change has been absolutely amazing!  Took a few short trips: Cedar Key, Crystal River, Orlando (Link to Orlando trip post), St Augustine, and I have a trip to Savannah planned toward the end of the month.  I was also able to spend some great quality time with the Mini, the Broken Mommy, and my friends.  It has been excellent.  I am thankful beyond belief.

The Mini started middle school (Jr high) this year and it scared the shit out of me.  In that bad awful way that I wanted to be her life sized backpack.  Besides the increasingly shitty attitude which I'm told will go away around the age of 25...all is well.  She's actually doing better than she did in elementary school.  I'm still freaked out most of the time but I'll tell you that after much motherly snooping I know this:  the kid knows how to spell "fuck" and that my friends, is important.

As usual I'm excited for Christmas because...I LOVE IT!  Looking forward to a visit from my baby sister too.  It will be a FourVag Christmas in Bananaland.  Keep one eye on your news.  Ya' know, just in case.

Smoochydoodles to you and yours.  Have a kickass Christmas and here's to Santa not pissing in your Wheaties.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Letter to my Mini

To my dearest, loving, daughter life sucking offspring who’s going out on her own,

As you’re leaving to go out on your own, I want to pass on a few niblets of my extreme wisdom.   Yes, you will need all of this information and you will thank me.  Not now, but sometime.

Shark-week-in- your-pants – pay the extra money for the good tampons.  If  your shark-week-in-your-pants is as fucked as mine, you will be miserable for 4 days, at least.  Jamming a fall apart-y, pinch-y applicator-ed cotton phallic up your lady business is not fun.  It gets worse as you get older so when you visit the drugstore for your monthly shark week shopping, remember what your momma told ya.  Also, go heavy on the bleach with the drawers.
Boys - Boys are dumb.  That is all.
Boys, seriously – You need no man to complete your awesome, crazy, ass.  It’s nice to have one around but keep your all for you.  You rock like a muthafucker.  Remember that shit.  Have lots of good sex.  Use protection but enjoy.  Who cares if some stuck up schmoe calls you “whore”.  Sex is important.  It will relax you and keep you happy. Enjoy it.  Don’t fall in love until you’ve accomplished all you want.  It really gets in the way of all the things.
Boys, dating – Do it, just make sure they actually know the definition of dating.  You look that shit up too.  Communicate.  If you (both) can’t communicate, dating be damned.
Leave your boobs in your shirt.  Nobody wants to see that shit.  Well lots of people want to see that shit and those people suck.
Continue to hate people.  People suck (see above).  Trust no one.  People are going to let you down.  This is a fact.  Accept people for who they are.  They will tell lies, they will talk behind your back, they will fuck your boyfriend, and they will break your heart into tiny heart pieces that will fly everywhere, ricochet, and hit you in the face.  So. What.  Suck it up, buttercup.  You have to accept people and all their damn faults. That’s the only way it works.   You are far from perfect so don't expect it from others. When you meet a true asshole, shut em’ down.  Don’t give them the satisfaction of being in your space & breathing your air.
You’re going to screw up.  You’re going to screw up other people’s stuff.  Own it.  Always be responsible for your own stuff.  Always.  Learn from your mistakes and move your pity train forward.  This will save your ass so many times.
Always keep a jar of Vaseline in your home.  I don't know why but I’ve always had one.  It comes in handy.  Then is doesn’t.  One jar will last your whole life.  Invest in the actual Vaseline brand.  You’re going to spend $3.59 in the course of your lifetime.  Just do it.  It’s a mom thing.
Don’t take duck faced selfies.  This is gross and I may possibly disown you for this practice.  It’s just wrong.  Again, I don’t know why.  Just don’t.
Forgive others.  Not for them; for you.  Cuz really, screw them.
Boob sweat is not good.  Try and avoid that shit at all costs.  You’ll thank me for this.  You’ll thank me for this, soon.
When you go to other people’s houses, do NOT look in their medicine cabinet.  Seriously.  Don’t.  Nobody keeps the good shit in the medicine cabinet.
Every time you use a bathroom other than your own, check for tp and a plunger prior to taking a squat.  Trust me.  This will come in handy as fuck.
Drink lots and lots of water.  Yes, I’m invoking the annoying mom rules.  This is one.  Water is good.  ¾ of the earth is made up of water.  In order to drown properly, you must drink.  For real, it’s good for your skin and it keeps your pee clear.  Healthy urine should be clear.  Yes I went there.  Just drink the damn water.
Call me once a week and tell me you love me.   If you don’t, you’ll perish in a fiery hell.  You’ll miss me when I’m gone.
Be nice until it’s time not be nice.  Always put your best foot forward and don’t be a douche.  Be polite.  If somebody fucks with you, stop being nice.  It’s appropriate to be a douche in this circumstance.  This is grand advice in for all occasions.  Learn it; live it.  I know stuff.  
If somehow you become famous or rich (mostly rich) make sure you take care of your mother.  Don’t make me tell everyone your birth story.  I’ll do that shit.  In a New York minute (or however that saying goes).  Every.  Last.  Detail.
Try every muthafuckin thing once.  Experience all the things.  Food, trips, roller coasters, LIFE.  Mostly food.  Try it all.  It won’t kill you.  I swear.  It could kill you I guess but that makes it worth it.  Just think of the stories people will tell.  You’ll be infamous and shit.  But really, don’t let life pass your ass by.  Do stuff.
Never skip dessert.  If you die tomorrow (which probably isn’t going to happen), you’ll regret the fact that you skipped dessert.  You don’t need that kind of shit when you’re dead.  You just don’t.  Always eat the cake.  I know stuff.
Always have Netflix.  You are spoiled.  Commercials will scare you.  We can’t have that.  Whatever the minimal fee is now, pay it, and keep Netflix because it rocks.
Be nice to the hobos.  Not blow them nice or anything.  Just be nice.  Most of us are just a few weeks away from joining them.  Give them money, buy them a sandwich, or simply say hi.  Pay shit forward.  If you’re lucky enough to have shit, share your shit.
Candy & lip gloss are the most funnest (yes, I’m aware that isn’t a word) two things ever, to buy.  They are also the funnest (yes, I’m aware that isn’t a word) two things ever, to say you bought.  Not sure why I stuck that in but it makes me giggle.  Giggling is good.
Vagina=crazy.  Always know that shit.  Penis=dumb.  It’s not a put down of any kind.  If more people admitted it, there would less problems in the world today.
Vagina rules – never forget it.  Vagina trumps everything.  You’ll learn.  It takes some learning and some getting used to.

I think I’m going to end on the best note possible.  Vagina.  It’s true; nothing beats it.

Love always Get your lazy freeloading ass out of my house,

Your mommy

PS: stop trying to climb back in the womb, you won’t fit

PPB aka The Precious Princess - The Princess is a twice divorced, recently dumped, recently unemployed, self-proclaimed member of the mentally hilarious. She has been referred to as living under a rock stocked with vodka and anger. Her 12 year old “Mini”, who is carbon copy of the Princess, is often the subject of blogs, and Facebook posts. In addition, she writes about dating, the dumbness of boys, life after 40, and shares stories from Bananaland which is both her past and current residence.  She is the owner/sole admin for the Facebook page Precious Princess's Guide to Bananaland where she is famous for her rants and her blunt, honest, and sarcastic look at life.  She blogs both extremely funny and all-the-feels posts at Princess Bananaland.  She hates people, kids, and karaoke. She uses all the swears and makes up dirty words.  Eventually when she’s done being sloth-like, she will write a book.  Be afraid. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Very Exciting Tour of Blogland!

Okay, here's the scoop,,,I was asked by the lovely Tandra, of Thriller Mom, to do this blogtour and give you all some insight into my workspace, living space, and some projects I'm working on.  At first I was like "fuck no", but I then I rethought my recent joblessness and figured "why the hell not". Also, Thriller Mom kicks ass and I had to try and show her ass up.  HA.

In addition, most of you know that finding a job has been my main priority so I don't have a bunch of projects going on right now.  However, I'll be more than happy to show my lack of projects.  Snort. Keep in mind, I also live with the DQ (drunken queen aka my mom) so projects schmojects.

So, goes nuttin...Welcome to Bananaland:

First...this is me.  Yes, that's my real tongue.  Yes, it's actually longer than that.

Now, on to writing...this is where I work. the bed.  Whatever.  I can be in my muthafuckin pajamas & do what I want.  If you look very closely you will notice my nightstand contains numerous drinks including a shotglass.  Cuz..the Mini.  

Okay, and here's what my workspace really looks like when I'm actually writing.
(sans the big assed blonde that I am)

In this lovely photo, the place where I actually should write is depicted. I have space; I'm just LAZY. Got it? LAZY. See how the pictures aren't even actually hung on the walls? They're sitting on the ledge around the room cuz...LAZY. Seriously though, I've been preoccupied. I have so much to do. Wait...IDGAF.

I love this.   This is my makeup area.  What?  You my hawtness came naturally, didn't you?  It doesn't.  It takes this prep table, #allthelights, the mirror, and #alltheproducts to make me look normal.  Well, almost normal. (see above selfie) The table is also littered with my meds, creams & gels.  Just ignore that shit, mmmmkay?  

The dining area where the Mini and I feast on gourmet meals such as Wendy's & whatever the DQ cooks for us.  What?  I love to cook, I'm just weirded out because I don't have all my stuff.  I needs my stuff to cook properly.  I just do.  

Now on to some questions that I'm supposed to answer so that you all can get a glimpse of the magic that is me.  Ha. But really.

What am I working on?

I'm working on keeping my sanity.  Seriously though, I'm currently working on a serious of dating blogposts.  I'm single and I'm blogging about my internet dating, IRL dating, etc.  I've written parts I&II thus far and I have two more parts that I know I want to write.  There may be more.  If you're interested here are the links. Part I and Part II.  I have a few other things going on as well; I'm just not ready to share.  Get over it. 

How does my blog differ from those in my genre?

My blog doesn't differ a whole bunch from others except that I use all the swears.  When I'm telling you about things that are going on, I speak from the heart.  My heart often has swears.  Also, I guess I'm considered a mommy blogger but I'm not.  I write about everything.  Boys (they're dumb), my life, my opinions (they're always right), and my kid (the Mini) as well.  #Ihatekids. 

Why do I write/create what I do?

That's an easy one.  To keep my muthafuckin sanity.  If I don't let shit out, I'll implode or explode or whatever, you get the idea.  I need to vent.  A lot.  If I don't I'll be wearing orange & pretty silver bracelets quicker than a lame dude trying to pick me up in a bar. That wouldn't be good so I write.  It helps.  

How does my writing creative process work?

Usually I write when I'm pissed off about something.  Seriously, aggravation is a great motivational tool.  Often times, I get the feels and decide to write.  It really just depends.  I have to be in the mood and most of the time, ideas come to me at the most inopportune times like when I'm sleeping, or in the car.  I've gotten up in the middle of the night more times than I count, to write ideas down.  I know my old ass will forget by morning and then you won't benefit from my witty bullshit. 

I'm going to have two lovelies do you a blogtour next week.  

1st we have the awesomeness of IWYLM:

It's Why You Like Me - on the Facebook!
It's Why You Like Me - her blog!

Ms. IWYLM would like you to know these three things about her before you see her awesomeness:

 1) I'm horribly insecure
 2) I did an entire play in Spanish when I was 8 years old (Holy fuck)
 3) Serial killers fascinate me - like in an investigative way not like inspirational or anything

And next the lovely and kinda boy-like (not in this picture cuz she's smokin' here), Brianne, from House of Wong.  She can found here:

Facebook:House of Wong
Pinterest: BR W

Ms. House of Wong would like you to know the following 3 things about her:

1) I like wine
2) I like hunting
3) I have a serious NetFlix problem (me too, Brianne)

Both of the these lovelies are funny as fuck and I promise you will enjoy them (not like that, pervs)

Thanks for enjoying my tour and if you didn't - Piss off. 

And, if you're interested? You can follow my silly ass at the following links:


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dating - Part Duece - You know you've been single too long if...

  • You don't know the definition of dating.  This is really the first step if you're going to date.  It's not difficult to know.  You can look up it old school in the dictionary and shit or an encyclopedia or you use that machine?  You know that machine that you whack off to every day while watching throngs of lesbians?  That one.  You can use that new thing on the machine called Google and the Wikepedia. It's fucking novel.  Link to Wiki Dating I did that in like 20 seconds.  That included linking it and naming it.  20 seconds it takes not to fuck someone over because YOU are stupid. And LAZY. 
  • Pretending like you have no clue what's going on because you're too nervous, sketchy, and your balls are too small to admit it.  I mean, seriously now, grow a set.  The whole "I didn't know where we were going" thing doesn't work when you know it's wrong to date other women. You can't not know and then know.  It doesn't work that way.  The first rule of dating exculsively is don't date other people.  It's called cheating.  Cheating is bad.  Cheating means why did you date in the first place?Seriously. 
  • After a week of dating, you announce that the other women/men in a picture with your partner are "hot". Even telling your partner that he/she is "hot too" doesn't make it any less classy.  Respect motherfucker...respect.  Get.  Some.  
  • You keep the phone numbers of all the women/men you've met, fucked, danced with once, and spoke to, in your phone.  Yeah, exes (or people who think they are exes) have no place in a current relationship. They just don't.  Unless there's kids involved and even then...the exes need know there place.  
  • Communication - if you can't hear or don't want to hear?  Saythefuckso.  Do you think people enjoy doing all that thinking to come up with bizarre bullshit to keep you entertained?  Fuck no.  If you don't want to hear or can't hear shit - say that shit.  Quiet can be fantastic.  Most people don't know that shit because they get caught up in idle chit chat. (I wrote a blog about that ------> (Click Link to Read)  Chit chat is mostly bullshit.  So Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode),  For real, turn on the music or just sit and enjoy.  Talking is overrated. 
  • If your favorite band BLOWS do not play that shit on a loop.  In all honesty, don't play any band over and over.  Nice background music or head banging, fuck music.  Hearing the same song (that you don't fucking know) over and over can make a person bang their head against the wall or interior car door, whichever. 
  • Seeing live music is awesome.  Seeing the same live band over and over...again...head banging (see above) Try something your partner likes.  You know the old "give and take"? Compromise?  Heard of it?  Use the Google.  
  • Do not say that you want to wait to have sex, have sex, then complain cause there isn't enough sex. This does not endear any person to you.  It just doesn't.  Whining isn't accepted about most things, but about sex?  After a few weeks?  There's a problem.  Don't get me is huge. If ain't satisfying, the relationship ain't flying. (dudes, that rhymed) However, in the very beginning...all that stuff (up there) is more important.  If you don't understand that stuff, there is no sex.  Believe that shit.
  • The last thing I'd like to say on this subject is that dating is never perfect.  It won't always be fun.  Shit gets real sometimes.  It happens.  Only you can control how you react to that shit.  You need to like your partner and accept all their shit if you're serious.  Dating isn't always about sex.  Sometimes it's family night with the kids, sometimes it's a picnic in the park, sometimes it's out drunk...whatever it is?  Cherish that shit.  Enjoy the moment.  Life is way fucking short, guys.  

In closing...please know that while this is loosely based on my experiences it has been embelished for humor's sake.  Also, These are not not bad men, they just make bad decisions.  They can't help it; it comes with the penis.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vacation made me sad

How vacation made me sad…

Recently I took a short trip with my Mini and the Drunken Queen.  It was a fantastic before-school-starts trip.  We went to see La Nouba Link -------> Link, and it was fabulous.  I cannot even describe how much in love with this show I am.  The Mini and the DQ loved it as well.  There is nothing more satisfying than looking at your kid in mid show and seeing the awe in her eyes.  You guys, the Mini is growing up.  This will be further evidenced during the rest of this story.  *sigh*

The hotel pool that someone pooped in
We left on a Tuesday and checked into our hotel.  All was fab.  We hadn’t even fought that much on the way.  Yay, us.  As soon as all the check in hoopla was over, we whipped on our suits and headed for the pool.  At the pool for about an hour when they kick us out because the pool had been contaminated.  This is a euphemism for some fucking dirty ass kid shit in the pool.  That was fine because it started to rain anyway.  Headed for food.   After pizza, nachos and a giant Lime-A-Rita, it was time for nap before the show (La Nouba at 6).

The hotel smoking section - right under the Make A Wish cancer fund sign

Me and the Mini ready for the night!  Yes, I ran out of hair product.

As I’ve previously mentioned, La Nouba was fantastic.   Loved the entire 2 hours.  Seriously.  Worth the price of admission.  I would (and will) see it again.  If you aren’t familiar with Cirque De Soleil, I’ve provided the link because I’m cool like that Link -----> Link to AWESOME  La Nouba is the particular show that is performed in Orlando.  They have other shows around the country.  I’m sure they’re all fantastic.  I’m only talking about this one because it’s the only one I’ve seen.  However, if any of you feel like you wanna’ get me a gift, tix to the Elvis Cirque in Vegas would be great!  After the show, I asked the Mini her favorite part and she replied “the hot silk guy”.  My 11 year old daughter was checking out dudes.  Ummmm…NO.  This couldn’t be happening.  Okay, the guy was hot but not the best in the show.  Like not even in the top 3 for me.  Nope…he was her favorite.  Kill. Me. Now. Sad.

So after the show we went to dinner at one of the kitschy, overpriced, tourist restaurants at Downtown Disney Westside because “why not?”  We were on vacation.  We at this place called Splitsville Link to kitschy, awesome place It was a bowling alley restaurant.  I totally want to have a party here.   It’s too damn cute.  The food was great, there was bowling everywhere.  My kinda’ place.  And then, the arguing began. The Mini and the DQ.  They’ll make ya fucking insane.  Or maybe just me.  Who knows?  They wear on my nerves, the two of them.  They’ll argue about everything…the cost of food, the amount of food, what kind of food, who’s eating what food…WHO FUCKING CARES?  Sad.

Anyway, after dinner there was no shopping or walking or people watching or anything.  Know why?  We had to take a fucking boat across the pond to Pleasure Island (insert link) to get to the car.  Yes, we took the fucking boat there too.  Know why?  The DQ can’t walk that far.  Don’t get me wrong, the boat ride was fine and I wasn’t angry.  Just fucking sad because this bit of info means the DQ is too fucking old and cannot do this shit anymore.  She’s always been my fallback person.  Every big trip I’ve been on?  So has she.  We have been all over Europe including Italy twice, Alaska, in 36 mainland states, Mexico, Canada, #alltheplaces.  The thought that she can no longer do this, kills me.  I’m dying.  My daughter is growing up and my mother is getting old.  Yep, old.  She’s fighting it every step of the way but she can’t do it and it makes me sad.  I make jokes about her getting her a hover round.  I’m not really kidding.  I mean seriously, get that shit…we will use it to our advantage.  That’s probably wrong...but so.  My mother is old, I’m using that shit.  Sad.

The Mini and DQ on the boat ride to La Nouba

The next day we get up (not so spryly) to go to the Magic Kingdom.  Now folks, even though the Mini picked this as her place to go, it’s my favorite place ever.  Me and the giant rat go way back.  Going in, I thought I’m older so maybe it won’t have that giddy effect on me.  Nope.  It was solid.  I fucking love Disney World.  I was like a kid.  I ran.  Yep, me.  Don’t laugh.  I stood in all the lines.   I was hot, sweaty, sunburned, tired, achy, and having #allthefun.  My grin was huge and unmoving.  I was in my element. (Keep in mind it was 103 degrees)  The Mini was keeping up with me and riding the rides.  This is a first, folks.  The Mini doesn’t ride rides.  Well, she didn’t.  She kicked ass.  I was super impressed.  Besides the people (#Ihatepeople), the big rat paid off.

Waiting on the tram cuz DUH.

I get bored waiting in line. 

Now the sad…The DQ walked really slowly throughout the park and we kept losing her.  In fact, while we were riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, we lost her for good.  Not really, but we got separated for the rest of the day.  I had no phone so we had to go old school, you know…wing it.  During our separation, I learned two things.  My mother’s need for a hover round was solidified and my child is growing up and that there’s not a damn thing I can do to stop it.  The Mini and I felt really badly that the DQ got separated, however, it worked to everyone’s benefit.  The DQ got to walk slowly and watch old lady shows and the Mini I got to RIDE.  While in line for 55 minutes for the Mini’s first time on Space Mountain, I witnessed the Mini and the goddamned BOY in front of us flirting.  Right in front of me.  What the fuck?  I was completely mortified.  And, sad.

In closing for those of you who follow my Facebook page https://m.facebook/ThePreciousPrincesss
 you now know the source of my crankiness on Disney Day.  I’m really just sad.  I’m losing them both and I DON’T WANNA.   I’m selfish, stuff sucks, and I hate carrying luggage.  Sad.



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dating Profile Dont's

I have joined the throng of weird motherfuckers on the dating websites.  Mostly for research but I’m having a blast.  I’ve never met so many low-life bottom feeders, ever.  It’s entertaining to say the least.  I’ve made up a short list of shit men should NEVER do on their profile.  Seriously boys - heed my advice.  You’re embarrassing yourselves and the entire human race.

1) Do not have a muthafuckin profile picture without your shirt.  Don’t do it.  It’s all bad and you’re an asshole, jackwagon, fucktard.  Furthermore…ewwwwwwww.
2) Do not say that you like romantic walks on the beach.  Your pants?  Are on fire.  This is a lie because there would be a million people walking on the beach, holding hands, and looking awkward every day and that would suck.
3) Don’t lie.  You’re just dumb.  You’re going to get found out at some point.  It’s just stupid.  Be yourself.  Unless you suck.  If you suck, you’ll never get anywhere anyway so just don’t bother.
4) Do not say you’re not looking for a certain body type and then answer the profile question “Do you think overweight people can be sexy?” with a no.  You’re an asshole. You’re allowed, even encouraged, to like whoever the hell you want to like just don’t say one thing and mean another.
5) Spelling.  YES IT MUTHAFUCKIN COUNTS.  You know when you meet someone in a bar and you base whether you’re going to buy them a drink based on how they look?  SPELLING IS HOW YOU LOOK when you’re on a dating website.  DUMBASS.  It’s said that women decide if they’re going to sleep with you in the first 30 seconds.  The first 30 seconds is while we read your profile. Yep, you made an impression…it just sucks.
6) Do NOT say that you’re looking for a relationship when you’re really out there to bang some strange.  There is not a damn thing wrong with banging.  Do not confuse banging with dating.  Google that shit if you aren’t sure which is which.  They have banging websites.  Go there.  This is a dating website.
7) If your profile picture is of your junk, just go ahead and kill yourself now.
8) Do not put pictures of your children in your profile picture.  Complete turn off.  Also, unless your children are adults and gave you permission to use their likeness, you’re asking for trouble.   Have you seen the freaking sickos on the dating websites?
9) If you have another woman in your profile picture, you deserve every nasty message you get.  Seriously.
10) If you have no photo of just you alone – you’re a loser with no friends that could handle taking a current picture.  Women don't care what your friends look like (or they shouldn't) unless you're part of package deal.
11) Stop whining that you only get messages from crazy women.  ALL women are crazy.  It comes free with a vagina.  If you’re continually getting crazy messages?  Check your profile.  That’s why.
12) If you say that you are creative & funny in your profile description, you should probably be able to send a message that’s better than ‘hi’ or ‘good morning, beautiful’.  Fuck off, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Use your creativity and wit to make a good impression. Just don’t go overboard.    Yeah, I know…it’s a slippery slope.  Figure it out.
13) Don’t put up a picture and then conveniently forget to fill out the written profile information.  This is just stupid.  It’s a website.  Give up the information
14) Do not say that all you do is eat healthy and that you love to work out and then message me, the non -workout, junk food eating, Queen.  We have nothing in common.  Seriously.  I don’t want to do any of that.  If you’re looking to sell your workout wares, they have websites for that.  They do.  I’ve seen them.
15) If you’re 6’2” don’t say that you’re 6’3”.  Nobody is going to whip out a meausring tape but it will come up in conversation some day and why fucking lie?  It’s height.  Really?  If you’ll lie about your height, you’re not really trustworthy, now are you?
16) Don’t say you have a few extra lbs in your profile and then show up for coffee and you’re a circle.  This is not cool.  If you’re a circle, be proud.  It’s an awesome shape.
17) Do NOT give a woman you’re email address or phone number in your first message.  It makes you seem pushy, sketchy, and desperate.  If that’s what you’re going for then cool.
18) Do not attempt to pay someone meet you.  Again, if that’s your thing go for it.  They have websites, phone services, and Craig’s list to take care of all of your needs.  If they had no place for your sick ass to go, it would be easier to understand.  However, they do so it just makes think you can read and have no concept of what the internet is all about.  Figure that shit out.
19) I don’t lie on my profile so I’d appreciate if you actually take the 2 minutes it takes and read it. Even if I did lie, the information is right there in black & white.   Don’t message me a bunch of shithead questions that are found on the front page of my profile.  Idiot.
20) I’m pretty.  It’s a fact.  My picture is current.  I show my body.  I’m not trying to hide that fact.  Don’t message your tired old bullshit if you haven’t first figured out that I’m not a size 8.  That’s your damn problem.

These are just my top 20.  I could go on all damn day; I won’t.  I will be back with more.  Wait for it.

 PPB aka The Precious Princess - The Princess is a twice divorced, recently dumped, recently unemployed, self-proclaimed member of the mentally hilarious. She has been referred to as living under a rock stocked with vodka and anger. Her 12 year old “Mini”, who is carbon copy of the Princess, is often the subject of blogs, and Facebook posts. In addition, she writes about dating, the dumbness of boys, life after 40, and shares stories from Bananaland which is both her past and current residence.  She is the owner/sole admin for the Facebook page Precious Princess's Guide to Bananaland where she is famous for her rants and her blunt, honest, and sarcastic look at life.  She blogs both extremely funny and all-the-feels posts at Princess Bananaland.  She hates people, kids, and karaoke. She uses all the swears and makes up dirty words.  Eventually when she’s done being sloth-like, she will write a book.  Be afraid. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why Father's Day Sucks (for me)

Those of you who have been around Bananaland for a while, you know all about Jimbo (click for link to blog post).  He was a great Dad.  He was also a complete asshole.  Technically, he was step-dad.  Whatever.  I called him Dad. He & the Drunken Queen married when I was 8.  We bonded.  He taught me lots. He is a huge part of the asshole I came to be.  He's been gone since 1997.

The little diddy I'm about to tell is not something I've divulged previously.  You're in for a treat.  Sort of.  

I have a birth father.  He's alive & well (well, mostly on the well part) in Illinois.  

He was not a nice man (almost man, he was 17 when I shot out) to my mother when I was a child.  I'll leave that story for another blogpost that I'm not yet ready to write.  They divorced when I was 7.  

In the  beginning I saw him every other weekend.  He would take me to his basement #newlysingleguy apartment and sit me in front of the tv to watch what he called Japanese Monster movies (Godzilla & the like).  I dreaded it.  Some weekends we would visit his friends (my godparents) and that was good.  Have bbq's, all that shyte.  

The dating, ummm, scene the daddio got into was bizarre.  This was the 70's.  People were wacky.  There were the twins, the woman who made her kids put their hands over a back of a chair so she could hit them with a ruler for punishment, and numerous other disco-haired 'ladies'.  I met them all.  Or most of them.

Shortly after the DQ married Jimbo in 1978, my birth daddio remarried as well.  This brought new friends & family into the mix.  Lots of weekends at a lake in Indiana, trips to the beach, great fireworks displays, sledding, #allthethings.  It was a great stretch.  

In 1980 my baby brother was born.  Things when smoothly for a good bit.  Then the every other weekend visits turned to once a month, then once every month, etc...  This was not due to the birth of my brother, I was a pre-teen and had my own shit to do.  I still made it to the important stuff, birthdays & the like. 

When the DQ, Jimbo, my baby sister (born to the DQ & Jimbo one month prior to my brother being born), and I moved to Florida in 1986, I called my Dad on the phone the week before the move.  I hadn't seen him in almost a year.  What?  I was 16.  I didn't know to handle shit.  He was fairly devasted (points for him).  

Since the move to Florida (30 years ago), I have seen my birth daddy 6 times.   Two visits home shortly after I moved, my first wedding, a visit home when he had a heart attack, and two visits home as an adult.  He has met the Mini once; she was 7 months old.  She's almost 12.  

I've invited him here.  He's invited me there.  We both aren't interested.  

We are still in contact.  We text.  We're friends on the Facebook.  I'll wish him a Happy Father's Day tomorrow.  

#FathersDaySucks - PPB

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

100 Happy days with Silence of the Mom - weeks 4&5

Soooo, I missed out on last week cuz I was off being a grown up & stuff.  Real life put the kibosh on my blogomania.  Anywho, I'm back and I have TWO weeks worth of fucking happiness.  As always, be sure and give some huge lovin to my friend over at Silence of the Mom or visit her on the Facebook at Silence of the Mom on the Facebook.

Here's my happy stuff and I might have missed a few days.
Shaddap, don'tyoujudgeme.

Yep, that little kid of mine.  The Mini. 
 She makes me smile...

I smile cuz it's true.  Small world?

My cousin and her daughter.  Ain't they just peachy?

 Socks & flip flops.  
Made me piss myself

Now there might be a few a days missing (26,27, 28)*whistling*. 
 And, BOOM...Week 5...I might have cheated.  What?

From top left
The Mini's drawing of her & sisters.  AWEFUCKINGAWE.
The new floor being put in at my Mom's, I fucking love it
The best gum.  Ever. 
The awesomeness that the SAB posted on my FB timeline
A drunk ass friend wrote "I love you" on my hand
That, AHEM, tree is in my friend's yard.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

100 Happy Days with Silence of the Mom (week 3)

So it's week three, days #15-21 of the 100 Happy Days with that really cool bitch, Silence of the Mom.

I had a busy as shit week (Spring Break with the Mini) so I didn't snap as many pics but I managed to find a few that made me HAPPY.

Here goes...

I found this in my lunchbox. From the Mini.
  I might have been just a tad cranky that morning.
  PMS blows.  

An actual text conversation with the SAB.  He always makes me smile. *sigh*

On this day, one of my most very bestest friends celebrated her 1 year of being on the Facebook.

 The crazy design the Mini wanted to me to paint on the walls of her new bedroom.
  This kid is fucked up & stuff.

So today my other most bestest friend celebrated her one year on the Facebook.

Looking for a short trip for the family.  

Took my first pic of my new hair.  
Even though it's all sweaty and windblown, it rocks.  

Until next time...Be sure and check out some of the other 100 Happy Days posts at Silence of the Mom

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Silence of the Mom's Happy 100 Days - Week 2

So it's Week 2 and I'm still going.  100 Happy Days, Bananaland Style.  Thanks again to my bitchacho, Silence of the Mom, for the challenge.  Me.  Happy.  100 days...In. A. Row. Anyhow, the following pics are of some shit that make me giggle, smile, or pee.  Enjoy...

The Mini.  Seriously.  I peed. 

The SAB was working late.  I had to put together a new fan.  This was in the box.  You know I giggled, smiled & peed!

Red's bday.  Smileytown. 

Pool/Beach day.  FINALLY!!!  
I absorbed the shit outta some vitamin D

The sunset from Red's birthday cruise.  *sigh*

The SAB measuring for the Mini's new paintjob.  Boys.  Doin' work.  Yum. 

The haircut I finally decided on.  Can't wait to chop this do.  It's a don't. 

In this pic, behind all of the fog, is a street sign.  The sign says: Sex Drive.  Ha. 
 I laughed.  Out loud.

 I managed to find some great shit that didn't suck.  Not even a little. - PPB

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Silence of the Mom 100 Happy Days - Week #1

First, I'd like to thank Silence of the Mom (<---------click the link for details) for having the balls to throw out this challenge to her fellow bloggy folk.  
Also, I'd like to say that I am completely awesome for accepting this challenge.  

Day #1 - Wednesday...

The Mini wearing her headphones.   I don't have to hear the bullshit she hears. Pure excellence.

Day #2 - Thursday...

The Food Trucks at Spring Days had the most delishishest (yep, I made it up) Philly cheesesteak, and lobster bisque.  Yummies make me smile. 

Spinning around in a circle in a bumper car at Spring Days was on my bucket list.  Really.  Okay, I lied.  Seriously though, look at that damn face.  Just look at it!

The Mini and the Drunken Queen.  Freaking awesome cuz I wasn't on that damn ride.

Day #3 - Friday


Day #4 - Saturday

Purely accidental awesomeness.  I was taking a photo of the pink jacket for shopping purposes & I saw my most favoritest jacket ever.  The 'olive' jacket.  Reminds of martinis.  And happiness.

Day #5 - Sunday

BOOM.  Finally got to wear my JTT shirt.  Just the Tip

Day #6 - Monday

I had my Inaugural #MulletMonday on my Facebook page, Precious Princess.  LOVED. IT.

Day #7 - Tuesday

The Mini.  Doing her homework.  On her own.  With no screaming.  Life is good.