Wednesday, March 26, 2014

100 Happy Days with Silence of the Mom (week 3)

So it's week three, days #15-21 of the 100 Happy Days with that really cool bitch, Silence of the Mom.

I had a busy as shit week (Spring Break with the Mini) so I didn't snap as many pics but I managed to find a few that made me HAPPY.

Here goes...

I found this in my lunchbox. From the Mini.
  I might have been just a tad cranky that morning.
  PMS blows.  

An actual text conversation with the SAB.  He always makes me smile. *sigh*

On this day, one of my most very bestest friends celebrated her 1 year of being on the Facebook.

 The crazy design the Mini wanted to me to paint on the walls of her new bedroom.
  This kid is fucked up & stuff.

So today my other most bestest friend celebrated her one year on the Facebook.

Looking for a short trip for the family.  

Took my first pic of my new hair.  
Even though it's all sweaty and windblown, it rocks.  

Until next time...Be sure and check out some of the other 100 Happy Days posts at Silence of the Mom

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Unknown said...

The text with the SAB...lmfao! Thanks for linking up!!