Friday, May 31, 2013

Hatred. It pokes me.

Have you ever despised a person so much that you HAD to write about them?  I have and I am.  Gonna write about it that is.  Why you ask?  Because I can.  The SAB hates this answer.  The Mini says it all the time.  (good kid)  Seriously though.  I have a blog.  It's mine.  I can.  So I will.  Write.

Now, when I hate someone?  Yes, I'm using the word hate here.  I can count the very few people I hate on one hand.  I hate them for the same reason.  They are truly evil.  I know lots of people.  I mean...LOTS.  I know drug addicts, convicts, rich people, poor people, people who own businesses, people who've robbed me, people who've lied to me, murderers (yes), child abusers, child neglecters, battered women, men who batter women, women who batter men, church goers, atheists, animal haters, animal get the idea.  I know people all over the spectrum.  I don't hate them.  Hate is reserved for precious few. For those people who do wrong out of pure self loathing. For no reason.  To hurt others and get what they want.

 The people I hate?  The evil people?  Every move they make is calculated and it's for one of two reasons

      1 - To make themselves look better
     2 - To make others look bad. 

 They are not necessarily stupid people and for the most part they have everyone around them fooled.  THESE PEOPLE.  Everyone knows one.  Or two.  Hopefully not too many more than that.  These people are full of hate.  I will say that while I hate these people?  I also feel sorry for them.  Really sorry.  Because life for these people is miserable.  Imagine being a gigundo fuckstick every day, all day.  It would suck.  You have to live with yourself.

On with this particular person I hate.  It's a she.  I will call her Cumguzzlinggutterslut.  Well, because she is.  .  Like the really bad kind. (there could be a good kind, don't judge) For the remainder of the post I will refer to her as CGGS cause it's shorter than Cumguzzlinggutterslut.  Got it?  Good.

I'm gonna list a few (all) of the reasons this woman should be set on fire and left to burn.  Yes, this is harsh, but you'll agree.  I promise. Oh and keep in my mind, I was privy to a lot of information about this woman because for about a minute?  I tried to be her friend.  TRIED.

The first time I met her?  She bought the ENTIRE table drinks.  Over and over.  You may think this is nice but it isn't.  It was showoffy.  Like seriously showoffy.  There wasn't even the pretense of this gesture being nice.  It was strictly "business" (you'll see)

I met CGGS through a friend.  A very good friend.  He happens to be a boy.  He said I would "love" her.  I didn't.  I hated her on sight.  Not because she's extremely unattractive (she is) but because I got the vibe.  You know the one?  Everything this bitch says and does is fake.  THAT vibe. I tried.  I did.

CGGS pretended to make good friends with our lil comfy group.  Especially friendly with the wife of the aforementioned friend? The one who introduced me to CGGS.  THIS was the second time my asshole alert alarm went off.  Call me crazy...

CGGS owns a business.  She treats her employees like animals.  Animals she hates.  Screaming, yelling,  complete control of your entire life.  Yes.   She actually made her employees sign a waiver to say they would NOT visit a competing business or they would lose their jobs.  She once made an employee who worked in the outside portion of her business, stay outside.  She was NOT ALLOWED to come in the building.  Ever. Just to shame and embarrass her.  Sick.  And twisted.  Control.

Now comes some good stuff.  As CGGS has wiggled her way into our group (none of us liked her, except my friend, the boy) and got herself all up in our business, she began to make her moves. 

  •  She took over the boy.  She segregated him from all his friends.  Like, they were no longer allowed in her places of business.  Except me.  I worked for the boy.  I couldn't go. And I was alone.  Trapped.
  • She told several of her employees that she would have the boy and she would break up his marriage. Yes, of course she discussed her personal life with the employees she hated.  She had no friends. Professionalism at its best. 
  •  While playing all cutsie tutsie with the boy's wife?  She began an affair. With the boy. Two-faced whore. 
  •  She did that whole "I fell in love, I didn't mean to, it just happened" shit with me.  Don't make me sick. I'm grown.  Stuff happens.  Own it.  It's yours. 
  •  She made the boy FORCE me to friend her on Facebook
  • I complained about one of her employees and she told the employee.  Told ALL of the employees. (you are seeing the professionalism here, right?)
  •  She was furious with me because I did a write up from MY personal FB page about the service industry and how bad service sucks and that I'd like to begin a website recommending or not recommending local businesses.  Never once was the name of her business mentioned, or her or any of her employees. Or, any one's business for that matter.  It was a general rant.   It is amazing that when shitty service was brought up?  She immediately knew her place?  Was #1.  
  •  I was now segregated.  I was no longer allowed INSIDE her business.  Only outside.  (just like her employee)
  •  I was invited to a "cometojesus" meetin by the boy cause I didn't "like" enough of the CGGS's FB status updates. (this is real kids)
  •  She told me over and over how degrading she thought the boy's job was.  How it was beneath him.  Yes, she wanted more control. 
  •  The lies - about everything.  Lied about where she went, what she did, why she did it.  Lied about and to her family, her friend (she did have 1 plus a buncha lackeys who follow her around because she's got two nickels to rub together) and her employees. Lied to me. Several times.  Each time?  I caught her.  Now, she hates ME.  Cause well, guilty conscience doesn't suit her. 
  • The CGGS is a drunk.  A crazy carriedoutofabar drunk.  This would be fun, however, this happens in front of her employees and customers alike. More professionalism.
  • Her and the boy?  Parade their hideous asses all over town as a couple. Pictures all over FB.  The whole to-do.  The boy?  Is still married.  They both have school aged children. The affair? Moving in on a year now. 
  • This lovely woman who swears she fell in love with a married man on accident?  It has been told, she's all kindsa cheaty on the boy.  Seems fair.  Karma is a beautiful bitch. 

I could go into so many more specific stories but I won't.  Cause, well this is MY therapy and this is all I need.  For now.  The boy and I?  No longer friends.  I no longer work for him.  I no longer visit the CGGS's place of business.  I blocked them and most of their friends and their employees from my FB.  Why?  Because she is not a nice person.  She still has people stalk me and stuff.  I'm sure she'll find out about this blog post and think it's all about her.  Oh, wait.  It is.

 So CGGS?  If you are reading this?  Suck it bitch.  You are like a shit on my shoe.  I step in it and it's stuck and stinks.  I would like you to know that I do feel some serious sorry for you.  You have to live with you.  And you?  Are not happy.  Here's to you getting some meds and some serious psychotherapy.  Cause your crazy?  Ain't hiding so good.  And, then, maybe one day you can apologize to all of the people you hurt.  You know them?  The boy?  The boy's friends.  The boy's WIFE.  The boy's children.  Your own children.  Your employees.  Your friends.  Pretty much everyone you've ever come in contact with.  Yep.  That would be great.  Own. It.  

In closing, I gained a few great things from all this crazy.  My sanity.  There is a definitive place on my FB page where my attitude changed.  I was very angry and stressed during all of this.  Like super angry.  I almost closed my FB page after I quit that job because I thought I wouldn't be good to anyone anymore.  Like, I had nothing to bitch about? So I would no longer be funny.  Glad I didn't do that.  I have lots to bitch about!  Also, I gained a dear friend whom I've come to know and love more every day.  Yep, the boy's wife.  Throughout all the bullshit, we worked through and became better and closer friends.

Silver Lining...


Amanda said...

Wow, what a sad story. So glad the boy's wife has such an amazing person in her corner. Cheating sucks, a lot and it really hurts. CGGS needs a vist from the karma fairy, like now.

It's why you like me said...

CGGS .. is a twankhole and I want to punch her. In the vagina. In the face. In the throat. In the kidney. Ya know like that. I hate thieving sluts who lie. Wow I'm all kindsa worked up over this skank.

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Right? Karma needs to kick her in the twat.

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Good! I wish you were coming here and we go all whorebitchkicass on her. xoxo

The Queen said...

OMG Child, I think I love you. CGGS is one of my favorite terms when I'm pissed off. You done good. This is one of the best I'LL RANT UNTIL I CAN'T posts I've read in a long time.

I will so be sending Auntie Dutchess over here. She's gonna love this shit.

MissCrystal said...

Sounds like you got yourself a cunt blister on your hands!

The Queen said...

I love this so much, I left an award on my Snapped POST today.. go grab it. this is great..

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Thanks Queen. You're so awesome :)

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

CUNT blister. Love it.

The Queen said...

After telling my Daughter the other day (a post about your Mom) that I waS SURE YOU were her long lost sister.. and Posting in our Hooker facebitch group that I was sure you were a long lost Royal..

I gave you an award.. and if you check it out THE MAJOR DID AN ENTIRE POST ON YOU..

I'm sorry.. I believe you are about to be forced into the Royal Crazy Ward with the rest of us. As each Royal comes here to read you.. they fall in love..

I will say I'm sorry in advance, for any stolen shoes, purses, or if in any way we lead you astray.. or down an alley to kick a dork and steal his drink!

Unknown said...

Oh, I am so glad the Major sent me your way! I am totally in love with your humor. Are you sure that isn't my ex-husband? Oh, wait. I was the smart wife that noticed and ran away. Poor wife. I feel for her. Damn people that can't keep their hands to themselves and their pants up. oy.

Dutchess said...

Hate twatwaffles, love you. I do think the Queen is on to something, where did you say you were born? I smell Royalty in your blood...or maybe it's just my cheap ass perfume. meh, either way, you rocked this honey! Can't wait to read more!

Precious Princess of Banananland said...


Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Thanks. And, you hit it. Keep your hands to yourselves. Asshats.

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Thanks Dutchess. The Royal Family ROCKS :D

Unknown said...

Sounds to me like CGGS thinks she's hot shit on a silver platter.

Someone should let her know she's nothing but the cold runs on a paper plate!

Precious Princess of Banananland said...


Adrienn Hunt said...

I'm still amazed by how dysfunctional people really are. I live in a very small town...It's crazy. Like a goddam real life soap opera.

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Crazy. You can't make thisshit up.

The Wine Chronicles said...

Just to be this the person who runs a certain "tavern" in Port O??

The Queen said...

you were nominated for 4TH OF JULY Hostess Queen.

You will be notified if you win

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

That is awesome! I think ;) Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

I agree lying and sleeping other guys,there's no trust there.

Unknown said...

I think I love you. In a totally non-conformist, you make me laugh, I so completely get that kinda way.

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Thanks! And thanks for reading!