Sunday, July 7, 2013

Epic Award

The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness!
Well, I'm totally AWESOMED OUT.
I was nominated for
The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness!
I was nominated by Surrounded by Shirt Suckers AND It's Why You Like Me who are both totally cool.  For real.  I know stuff. 

Here’s the deats on the award…
1. Display award logo
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Share 10 things about yourself
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers.

  • I have a weird pork thing.  About eating it, I mean.  I'm really picky and pork stuff freaks me out.  Do not confuse this with bacon.  Bacon is different.  Really.
  • I love flip flops.  They are the best.  I have like 9 pair.  I always wear the same pair.  Always.
  • 2 of my most goodest friends are fellow bloggers.
  • My (our, me and the SAB) dream is to run a food truck or a small restaurant.
  • I love caramel vodka. (you'd have to be totally ignoring my FB page not to know this, however, it's worth repeating.  really)
  • I work full-time.  In an office.
  • The SAB does all of the driving.  All of it.  He's been my passenger ONCE for 1.5blocks.  Ever.  In over two and half years.  I hate to drive and he's all manly & stuff.
  • "Whatever" is the solution to most of my daily issues.
  • Clicking on links ticks me off.  I do it.  I hate it.
  • I got pregnant with my only child, 30 days after stopping "the pill"  I was 32.

My 10 fine folks I'm donning with 
The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness!
Oh, and I don't care if they already have one and stuff.  I like 'em. So go give em' some smoochydoodles. 


Unknown said...

hahahaha "He's all manly and stuff" I LOVE that! I love to tease my husband b/c *I* am our driver. He says it's because he works so far away, but I have always just done it. (I'm guessing b/c my 1st husband would NEVER let me drive and maybe I'm still making up for that? Who knows, best not to think about it!)
I'm secretly AFRAID to try caramel vodka, b/c I KNOW I will love it. I will probably have to be put in rehab or something. Oh well...."whatever" !! Thanks for the nomination, I promise to work on this. Probably a little each day. Because I suck all the time, but mostly in the summer I'm finding out :) You are kicking hams, though! Keep it up!

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Working on it. Mostly nominated you all just so people would visit you! If you do it? GREAT. If not? I love ya anyway!

Amanda said...

I have huge issues with pork too. I've never liked it,except for ham and bacon. Any other kind I won't really eat, I'll cook it but won't eat it. I won't drive with my husband in the car because he makes me fucking anxious and is one of the worst back seat drivers you'll ever meet. Thus, I'm also, always the passenger. I like to think of him as my personal chauffeur.

C Hill said... am I JUST NOW seeing this? Thanks sweets! I am not sure where my mind has been!

And I am the driver mainly cause I'm a sucky really, really bad passenger. Unless I'm drunk...then you can drive my drunk ass around like a total maniac and I don't even care!

Hugs, Cristyl

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

I think I only posted it once or twice and I got 16 of those awards in one damn day AND my internet was out. When I finally did it, I just did it for gags and figured I would pimp some bloggy friends. :)