Wednesday, November 6, 2013

26th Tattler Thursday Blog & Social Network Hop!

Welcome everybody *waving frantically*! I'm so excited to be here co-hosting the Tattler Thursday Hop. Probably more excited than I should be. I'm a freak. Whatever. That doesn't change the fact that this is a great hop to share your all your social media links. I know stuff. I'll shut up now and you go and link up. Go head, do it. Don't forget to share a story! In the comments. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie! - PPB

Hiya Snappers! Welcome back to the 26th week of the Tattler Thursday Blog and Social Network Hop!

It's time to tattle and hop!
It's a share your crazy, gross, hilarious, in-the-trenches parenthood stories, or any tattle that you may want to share with us, that has nothing to do with kids, kind of blog hop! We love funny stories and we want to hear yours! You don't have to have kids to participate!
Just leave a comment with your story, post not required! So think of your funniest, wackiest or favorite stories, leave a comment  with your story/tattle, follow your Hostesses and Co-Hostesses, visit and discover other blogs, and have fun!
Remember the easiest way to get a follow back is to like/follow other pages and leave a comment! So hop around, tell your friends and share, share, share! This is a hop designed for you to have fun and share! Happy Tattling!

about the Blog Hop HERE!

Tattler Thursday Button

The Rules are:
  1- Follow Your Host and Co-Hostesses
  2- Grab the button and display it on your blog or hop page/section
  3- Leave a comment with a funny, wacky, or gross kid story/tattle

*Be Sure to Hop over to other blogs and visit/network and share the Hop

*Have fun Hopping! (and come back next week!)

Your Hostesses
The Wild and Wonderful World of GingerssnapsComfytown Chronicles

The Co-Hostesses
BabyForScale     Complete Bliss Blog

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