Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Electronics Debacle of 2013

I am tired as shit of electronics. They rule my life. Right now, I am completely disgusted with myself. The internet at the house is effed up crazy time. My “smartphone” is being a complete asshole. My electric can opener broke into pieces. WTF.

And, I'm not complaining. Really. This is completely stupid. This should not happen. I should not be ruled by a convenience. I am the first one to admit it. And I fight it. Every day. And I am ashamed. Because I lose.

Think they still make these?
Cell phones? Areyoufuckingkiddingme? The giant “smartphone” that I am now attached? Never leaves my side. Some nights? It's in the bed with me. I refuse to let the Mini get a cell phone. This is real. She is 10. I absolutely cannot fall prey to this monster called Ineedtobeintouchwithyoueverysecondofeveryday. I won't do it. I actually went and got a home phone. Can you imagine? A home phone so that I can practice leaving the Mini by herself (gotta practice now cause' ya' know at 12 they become all grown and no longer qualify for after school care) and she has a way to reach me. See? I'm trying. But. I. Can't. Fight. It.

  My “smartphone”? Whatever. The POS shuts itself down about 5 times a day. I've had it replaced. I've done extra updates through the company. Still? It shut downs. It makes me cry. (see how pathetic this is?) Oh shit...a butterfly – my neighbor is trying to get his dog to pee....arrgggghhh* In addition, my FB app? Oh boy. It shuts down (and, yes, I send a report EVERY time) about 10-15 times a day. Now, to put this all in perspective? I spend 45 hours a week (working) in a basement. The basement has no reception. I have no wii-fii. The ONLY way I can blog, FB or have any connection with the outside world? My cell phone. It's a lifeline. It gives me the weather (no windows in the basement), it allows me to communicate with friends, family. You KNOW what it does. It's awesome. Until it isn't. 

I so wish for the balls do to this...


The internet...This whole wireless high speed internet dealie? I call BULLSHIT. I am relegated to only 2 internet companies. The both? Blow. Right now with the internet being down? I cannot watch my newest most favoritest show “Weeds”. I mean wtf? Who cannot love this show? The balls on this chick are hugemongous. Wish I had half. Yeah, she's selling weed it's illegal. It's the metaphor, ya know? Take some risks. Life is good. Anyway, this no internet inconvenience? BULLSHITTY. Also, the weekends are usually the only time I can get on the laptop and blog and get work done on my FaceBook page. It's a travesty. Really.
I mean, really?  I'll be subjected to living my life like

Well, now that you know what a hugely spoiled whiny rag I am? Will ya' stick around? It's gonna get better. It must. 

*Update - The cable dude came and fixed the internet.  Keep yer fingers crossed and yer eyes on the news (just in case, shit happens). 


Adrienn Hunt said...

I've got a 10 and 12 year old and I refuse to get them cell phones. I am the meanest mom ever because EVERYONE else has a cell phone. I doubt it, and oh well. And the 12 year old still won't stay home alone and it pisses me off. Grow up. 10 year old would do it in a second, but she can't be trusted.

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Exactly why I hate kids. Lmao.