Sunday, August 11, 2013

Squirrely Blogger Award!

So yay, me!  I recieved this award from two awesome chicks! Shawna from Shawna in Wonderland and also the fab Joy at Comfytown Chronicles.  These two ladies rock ass so you should probably go check them out.  They gave ME an award, they must be fantastic, no?

The rules are to share 7 squirrely facts about myself and nominate 10 other bloggers.  I got this.  Or I'm gonna cheat like I always do.  Anyhow, I like big nuts and I cannot goes nothin.


  1. I wear glasses.  Did you know that?  I'll bet not.  Bifocals too.  My glasses are awesome.  They're red.  Like my kitchen.  I love red.  I only wear them for driving, reading or anytime I need to see. (not wearing them now
  2. I love ice cream, cereal and soup.  All things you eat in a bowl with a spoon.  However, I will NOT eat partially melted ice cream.  Hard packed is the only way to go. 
  3. For several years, I planned charitable events.  Me? I know, right.  I did so shush.
  4. I loved the smell of bacon frying way before bacon was cool. 
  5. I could live in Rome or possibly Lausanne (Switzerland).  Awesomeness.  If I had money and no kids and well, if.  You know. 
  6. I once lost 150lbs.  Thank you Weight Watchers and I've had extensive plastic surgery.
  7. I am no longer at the aforementioned weight.  I still have the plastic surgery scars.
Those are my facts.  Yep.  That's it. 

I'm nominating: 

It's close enough to 10.  I'm sitting on the porch and sweating balls.  


CarolKat said...

Awesome congrats!

Unknown said...

Awesome sauced. I knew you were way too pretty not to have had work done ;)

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

lmao! The work was all on my body. Sadly.

Anonymous said...

High five on number 2! except that I like my ice cream a little melted so I can pretend I'm a slobbering horse (eeew!) LOL
Congrats PP!

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

Baaaaaaa! Thanks!