Sunday, August 25, 2013

I like the dentist.

Nope, this post isn't about the dentist.  Not even a little.  It's about dating & relationships.  Any relationship, really.

You know when you first begin to date someone and you begin the 'getting to know you' stage?  You discuss your likes, your dislikes and all that good happy shit.  You remember that, right?  Come on, it hasn't been that long.  When the SAB and I first started dating we found we had so many things in common.  It was weird.  Not in a bad way, just weird.

We had all the big things in common like neither of us wanted more kids and we both lean toward the left in political views.  We had both been married twice.  In fact, we each got married the same year both times AND were married for the same number of years each time.  (wacky)  I had an 8 year old daughter and he had an 8 year old daughter (and a 16 year old daughter).  Also, we were both self proclaimed dating whores.  

All that stuff is actually kind of common, however, it's the little things.  Right?  Me and the SAB (yes, I know it's grammatically incorrect, suck it) liked the same songs and the same movies.  That's pretty normal. However, we both recite movie lines and when he would start singing some off-the-wall song?  I could finish it.  (yes, in public...what. ever.)  TV shows & food.  The same deal.  We even drank the same damn drink. After a few months of dating we could have taken 1st place on the Newlywed Game simply because our answers were all the same.  I mean seriously, we even ordered the same ice cream conconction from Cold Stone Creamery.  (German Chocolate Cake, YUM)  We referred to each other as the 'opposite gender version' of one another.  It was uncanny.  (the word uncanny is totally underused)   How we responded to things and our thoughts and emotions about almost everything - same.  

I know lots of you out there have probably experienced all this stuff.  Am I right?  Well me being the awesomely cynical human I am? I started second guessing all that shite.  We can't be exactly the same, can we?  Then this happened: "You just cannot like everything I like.  If I said I like the dentist, you'd say you like the dentist too". Of course he denied it .  Whatever.  He'd have a eaten a turd on the roof of a laundromat with me (and say he loved it) if I'd have asked.   And so it goes...  "I like the dentist" became our running joke.  Still is. We're extremely immature.  Shaddap.

Fast forward 2.75 years later.  We are still amazed every day at our similarties.  Each day we find new things that we have in common.  We have also found that all those "I like the dentist" things aren't as alike as we thought.  For example, the SAB does enjoy watching Sex and the City reruns with me, however, he'd be much more content watching some dumbass documentary on Hugo Chavez or some other such bullshit. Also, while I can really dig on some fried food, I don't want to eat it every day like the SAB would do if I wasn't around.  Yes, I'm still trying to figure out how to fry mayonnaise.  What?  I'll be sure to the keep the life insurance policy updated.

Anyhow, even though I now look back and think "I went to a fucking houka bar with this man?", it was all worth it cause in the end?  We both "like the dentist". 

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It's why you like me said...

I <3 this. You guys are like Ying & Ying. That's awesome cause it leaves the door open for Yangs. Like me. I'm like your yang. Oh and for the record??? I love the dentist. It's 40 minutes of me hearing "You have such awesome teeth" and there is nobody asking me to cook, clean or wash something. <3